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What are the most important questions a business needs to ask itself, and what are the biggest barriers to change? In this episode, we explore how service design can help answer those important questions and be a force for change within any organization. 

Service design is a connector between the disciplines of UX design, UI design, product, engineering, customer experience, etc. While many of the principles of good service design aren’t exclusive to service design, there is an emphasis on co-creation, iteration, people-centricity, and a holistic perspective. 

When we take a more holistic perspective, we design better experiences and better services. We avoid shipping our organizational charts (Conway’s Law) and instead ship a delightful experience. But we can only do that when we break down the silos. 

Justin Zalewski
Justin is the Director of Product Design and Strategy at Studio Science where he leads a team of product designers and works with clients to solve business problems through design. He and his team are experts in rapid prototyping co-creation with customers.

He has led projects with clients ranging from market-leading tech companies to Fortune 500 brands. Clients include: Angi, Genesys, Simon, Stack Overflow, and Cummins.

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