• Ann Rohmer speaks with with Janet Gray – Money Coaches Canada where the discussion looks at why we are poorer now than 3 years ago, what to do and will Tuesday’s federal budget help?
  • Tina Cortese looks at the Retail Council of Canada’s reaction to the federal budget and if the Federal Government could
    have done more to help Canadians by slashing credit card swipe fees, eliminating hidden taxes on consumer goods such as car seats, strollers, diapers.
  • Ann Rohmer is with Rick Smith, President of the Canadian Climate Institute who says that Tuesday’s budget accelerates clean growth in Canada.
  • Jim Lang speaks with Toby Boulet – parent of Logan Boulet who died in in the Bronco's bus crash in 2018. April 7th is GREEN SHIRT DAY to inspire people to become organ donors.
  • Kevin Frankish is with Bobbi Hunter to discuss Rembering Bob Hunter, a book about the environmentalist and one of
    the founders of Greenpeace Bob Hunter which will be available later this month – MR. MINDBOMB
  • Shaliza Bacchus looks at Life at Sea, which is offering the ultimate cruising experience.  An opportunity to visit all 7
    continents, work remotely and live at sea for 30k.

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