The Radioplay Hour

The Radioplay Hour presents to you chapter 11 of The Master of the World, written by Jules Verne and Narrated by Nathan Schulz.
For the next 17 weeks, tune in every Wednesday to hear the latest chapter of our story. Or, if you prefer, visit our website and check out the audio theatre page for the Pay-What-You-Think scheme and enjoy the entire story at your own pace. If you like, you can also purchase the ebook to read along.
Music featured in this audiobook is by Kevin MacLeod and the sound effects were design by The Drama Merchant himself Nathan Schulz. All proceeds from this production goes towards purchasing the music from Kevin MacLeod.
Thank you for listening!
This is a Drama Merchant audio production
Music Featured in this episode:
"Leaving Home" Kevin MacLeod (
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What is The Radioplay Hour ?

From the 1920s to 1950s, sitting around the radio – or wireless as some called it – to take in a popular series or variety programs was a family ritual…. Join The Drama Merchant and his cast as they bring back the listening experience, and fuel the imagination with recreations of old radio drama's with live sound effects, interviews, historical news updates, some times old ads and local musical talent in the guise of The Radioplay Hour!