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This is Sports and More where almost anything goes, we mostly stay away from politics and always steer clear of religion (sports gods don’t count) but from sports to pop culture and in between it’s all fair game!

Show Notes

One Timers is a chance to get to know the guest of Sports And More the podcast. We ask about teams, athletes and sports they loved as kids as well as movies, music and who they'd like to have dinner and play golf with.

AJ Jakubec of TSN 1200 has seen some great events live and has some fun sports memories. I set him up for some One Timers to find out a little bit more about him. 
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What is Sports & More?

We're heavy on sports chatter but will definitely be branching out into movies, music, pop culture and almost anything else. There will be close to zero talk on religion or politics, but pretty much anything goes.