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Talking about brewing small, specialty batches of beer with Averie Swanson of Keeping Together in Chicago.

Show Notes

If you are a fan of this show,  you are likely a fan of beer in general, and you have likely already heard of Averie Swanson. 

She's had one of the more storied careers in beer thus far. Going from a volunteer at Jester King in Austin to its head brewer in just four years but new challenges awaited her, and so she moved north to Chicago last year where she started Keeping Together, a brewery that is focusing on mixed culture, rustic, Belgian-inspired beers.

We cover a lot of ground in this interview, recorded just before the 4th of July holiday weekend. She spoke to me from Chicago about brewing philosophy, ingredients, and the changing nature of beer. 

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  • Host: John Holl
  • Guest: Averie Swanson of Keeping Together (Photo provided by the brewery)
  • Tags: Beer, Craft Beer, Chicago, COVID-19,  Diversity, Taprooms, Wood, Table Beer, Half Acre, Jester King, Texas

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What is Drink Beer, Think Beer With John Holl?

Drink Beer, Think Beer is a weekly conversation with brewers, growers, and other brewing industry professionals that explores the art, culture, and business of craft beer. Hosted by John Holl and recorded on location, this podcast gets to the bottom of every pint and offers insight into the dynamic world of beer.