Let's Think This Through with Bailey Parnell

In this conversation, Bailey Parnell interviews Gregg Brown about the power of change and embracing one's true self. Gregg shares his experiences working with prisoners and teaching sexual health to nuns, highlighting the importance of creating change and breaking through self-imposed limitations. He emphasizes the need to own one's unique brand of magic and not compare oneself to others. The conversation also explores the shift towards more interactive speaking engagements and the impact of identity on one's career. Gregg encourages listeners to embrace their true selves and not wait to be authentic. In this part of the conversation, Gregg discusses the value of strategic thinking and decision-making in the face of technological advancements. He emphasizes the importance of being future-ready rather than just change-ready. He also highlights the role of individuals in creating change that matters, both in organizations and in everyday life. Gregg and Bailey discuss the challenges of navigating change and the need for open dialogue and understanding. They also explore the concept of focusing on intent rather than just the impact of actions. Finally, Gregg shares his personal evolution in thinking, recognizing that most people are not intentionally malicious and that understanding intent can lead to better dialogue and change. In this episode, Bailey Parnell and Gregg discuss the impact of change on different work environments, the preparations needed for colonizing a new planet, and the key theme of being yourself and future readiness.

Topics in Order
  • Introduction and Setting Up
  • The Power of Change
  • Working with Prisoners
  • Teaching Sexual Health to Nuns
  • Being True to Yourself
  • Embracing Your Unique Brand of Magic
  • Owning Your Expertise
  • The Shift Towards Interactive Speaking
  • Identity and Career
  • Stepping into Your Own
  • Don't Wait to Be Yourself
  • Wisdom vs. AI
  • The Value of Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
  • From Change-Ready to Future-Ready
  • Creating Change that Matters
  • Creating Change in Everyday Life
  • Focusing on Intent and Dialogue
  • The Difficulty of Adapting to Change
  • Preparing for Future Changes
  • Evolution of Thinking: Spirit of Intent
  • Effect of Change on Different Work Environments
  • Preparing for Colonization of a New Planet
  • Key Theme: Being Yourself and Future Readiness

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