Box Card Gamers

Life, death and whose mind is dirtier.

The Game
Same, Same, But Different by What Do You Meme?

The Cards
#1. Something you can say while loading a moving truck. . . and during a threesome. 
#2. Something you can say while cleaning your house . . . and while getting a hickey. 
#3. Something you can say to your cat. . . and to the guy buying you drinks all night. 
#4. Something you can say while being kidnapped . . . and during your prostate exam.  
#5. Something you can say at a nursing home . . . and when finding out you’ve been cheated on.  

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What is a Boostagram?
A listener’s guide to boostagrams, by Nathan Gathright.
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What is Box Card Gamers?

Not every tabletop game has to be D&D or Catana, or even a board game at all. Join sibling duo Heather and Ryan as they explore the world of box card games. You might just find your next game right here.