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In our first episode of the Underscore Transformation podcast, we invite you into our recent live roundtable debate, where Joe and Jason are joined by special guests to discuss the 10 critical success factors in scoping a transformation programme. Hear real world, practical advice from programme sponsors and transformation practitioners on this too often overlooked stage of business transformation.

Show Notes

Thank you to our guests in this episode:

  • Andy Welch, Portfolio Director – LinkedIn
  • Kathryn Marshall, Chief HR Officer – LinkedIn 
  • Mark Harrison, Change and Delivery Director – LinkedIn 
  • Richard Phelps, Management Consultant – LinkedIn
  • Sharon Bridgland-Gough, Chief HR Officer 
  • Mark Chillingworth kindly hosted the discussion - LinkedIn

The 10 Points covered in the Scoping Checklist are:

1. Programme sponsorship
2. Problem definition
3. Preparing for change
4. Requirements gathering
5. Vision, objectives and design principles
6. Governance and decision making
7. Methodology and approach
8. Programme management capability
9. Solution design capability
10. Business case

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Follow us on social media: @UnderscoreComms or find us on LinkedIn

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We’d like to thank Icon Business Media and Vicky Matthers Photography for supporting the event. 

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The podcast that provides practical guidance for successful business transformation.