Transformative Principal

This episode is part of the Summer of AI Series, brought to you by SchoolAI, Scrible, and FocalPointK12.

Dave Hurwitt is an innovator. Over the course of his career, he’s led the development and launch of new products and services – from toothpicks to wind turbines – that have generated well over $1 billion in sales. 

Having worked in admissions through grad school, he was amazed by how little technology and the internet had impacted the college search and admissions process. And even more, he was dismayed to discover how often students were transferring or dropping out altogether. 

In early 2020, this led directly to his founding Troove, a 2-sided, AI-powered platform to help students discover their passions, people, and place based on the real experiences of recent alumni and current higher education students.

This episode is brought to you by, where you can learn all about AI specifically in a place designed for educators through 3-minute masterclasses. 
  • How Troove works
  • Take the idea of suggestions from Netflix or Amazon and apply it to college.
  • 15-minute quiz, how do you ask the right questions to get the answers that make sense of the patterns?
  • At any school, there is an in and out of the classroom experience and culture.
  • Less self-awareness.
  • Finding experts who can explain psychological safety.
  • Keep layering in more and more data.
  • Social culture preferences and learning culture preferences.
  • Doesn’t have to be complete to start.
  • Continue to explore the good stuff.
  • Open to sharing data and information about yourself.
  • Willingness to share and age are tightly correlated.
  • How can we make that sharing of information safer, data safe, and help them see themselves more clearly?
  • Incomplete information about schools without complete information.
  • Making informed decisions about their future.
  • Is this too complicated?
  • Start taking steps - the request: go explore new technologies that might be useful that we can afford to trial.
  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.
  • Just get started.
  • Connect with Dave

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Jethro Jones interviews instructional leaders from around the nation to learn and teach what it takes to become a transformative principal. Episodes address topics like Response to Intervention (RTI), Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), the latest advances in educational research, standards-based grading, and interviews with industry leaders like Bill Daggett, Rick Wormeli, Todd Whitaker and even people outside the education like Seth Godin, JeVon McCormick, Liz Wiseman, and more.