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Street drugs are changing rapidly in the United States and pose great risk to individuals and to public health overall. Dr. Nabarun Dasgupta is an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina, who believes that involving people who use drugs in his research is critical to a holistic understanding of the issue. Dr. Dasgupta and his team study how street drugs are changing, share lifesaving information with the public, and inspire future research in the space.

Twitter: @nabarund
Lab Website: Opioiddata.org
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What is CSU Spur of the Moment?

The challenges ahead of our globe in feeding the rising global population with finite resources, will require new solutions and the next great minds. The CSU Spur of the Moment Podcast digs into the issues of food, water, and health by talking with people making a difference in these fields. The podcast comes to you from Colorado State University System's new Spur campus in Denver, where global challenges are addressed through research collaboration, where experiential education opens doors to understanding, and where we work everyday to inspire the next generation.