The Growth Leadership Show

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Dr. Fio Dossetto is the content lead and editorial lead at Wildbit. Previously she spearheaded content efforts at Aula and HotJar. She's also the publisher of a brilliant content newsletter called 'contentfolks'.

Show Notes

Topics Discussed:
  • How to manage a team of content writers
  • Deciding what content to keep in-house and what to outsource
  • How to interview experts to build thought-leadership content 
  • On hiring VA’s to scale your content operations
  • What is product-led content and how to implement it
  • How to produce content that links back to your business results
  • Why focusing on content distribution is key
  • Why user research is at the heart of content marketing
  • How to get started with customer research



What is The Growth Leadership Show?

The Growth Leadership Show is a straight-to-the-heart marketing podcast.

Sandro Meyer sits down with growth leaders from around the world for an honest conversation about the successes, struggles, and decisions that have shaped their lives. Together, we dig deeper and peel back the layers of their career-choices, growth strategies and leadership philosophies, so you can apply their hard-earned lessons to your own life and career.