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The ATP, USTA, and WTA need to establish a national testing plan for kids to provide them with transparent feedback and a path forward to try to achieve their potential. In this episode, we explore why we need it and what that plan could look like.

Show Notes

Where’s the transition plan for all tennis players? 

A plan developed from a careful and considerate evaluation of each players emotional, mental, physical, and tactical abilities to play the game of tennis?  A plan which provides a path forward for each individual tennis player to pursue based on their results.  

Without analysis and conclusion a path and a plan can’t be proposed and a player is left to guess and either overestimate or underestimate their potential in tennis. 

If a child starts playing and taking lessons, what is their path forward in tennis?
  • Do they just continue to play as a recreational player?  
  • Do they just play high school tennis and then play recreational tennis for the rest of their lives?  
  • Maybe they try to play for the college club team or try to make it into a D3 school?  
  • Should they even try to make a D1 college team?
  • At what point is pro an actual consideration? 
Don’t all players deserve an answer to the question “now what”?

In this episode, we explore the possibilities of creating a national testing plan to help tennis players get realistic feedback on their potential and receive a plan which sets out a path forward.  

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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