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Compassion is the necessary foundation for all healing. When we can have compassion for the parts of ourselves that we dislike the most, we can let go of the debilitating shame and self hatred we have carried for so long, and use our compassion to bring love, understanding, and then, if necessary, change. 

Regina Powers is a western trained family nurse practitioner who has worked in both emergency medicine and family practice. After a 4 year training in energy medicine she stumbled upon the teachings of the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire)which is when everything related to how she saw, and treated people began to shift.  She now blends both western and eastern medicine in her private practice in San Francisco, CA. She does both in-person and long distance healing work.  She also shares these teachings and understandings in a book titled, “What Color is Your Medicine?”  
Regina created a non-profit called Sol Journeys. Here you can discover the elements as a means of healing while out in the natural world. She utilizes energy medicine, breath work, somatic release along with the all the Elements during her retreats and workshops.  The next 3-Day Retreat is April 22-24th in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. This is a transformational journey to open, expand and experience a deeper connection to yourself, the Earth and all of her offerings. You can learn more about her and her services at  or reach out via email-
Medicine for the Heart & Soul

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What is It's Not About Food Podcast with Laurelee Roark?

It's Not About Food podcast is about learning how to love and accept the body you have, re-learn how to eat intuitively and to know how to take care of your emotions.