Out of Our Minds

Tim Bayly has resigned as senior pastor of Trinity Reformed Church. And do we have faith for the *way* Scripture calls us to faith and repentance?

Show Notes

Last month, Tim Bayly resigned as the senior pastor of Trinity Reformed Church. It may come as a surprise to you if you’re not from our church, but it’s actually been in the works for many years. Tim and Mary Lee served this church faithfully for 25 years, and we threw a party to celebrate God’s goodness to us through their faithful service. This episode was recorded about a month ago, right after that party.

This is the penultimate episode of the Out of Our Minds podcast in this format. That is to say, next week’s episode will be the last one that I host. Tim Bayly will, Lord willing, continue to podcast in the future, but you’ll hear more about his upcoming plans in the episode.

There’s another half to this conversation, so I hope you stick with us and tune in next week.
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