Fire the Canon

We're back with the first episode of our series on the incomparable, the amazing, the VERY VERY LONG classic novel Moby Dick! Experience Herman Melville's classic boy-meets-whale tale as neither you nor anyone else has ever experienced it before. 

Rachel finally has some technical difficulties. Bekah tries a new dental procedure she just learned about this morning. Jackie misunderstands a sermon. 

Topics include: Crunch 'n Munch, sister fights, good Quaker bad Quaker, ghost sailors, the multiple meanings of ahoy, liking chowder a little too much, gay vibes, Cicero, the Devil Dam and the Tit-Bit, human furniture, knocking people's hats off, Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson, creepy sleepy guys, Succession, the bed-sharing trope, the Pythagorean Maxim, a night-night harpoon, I Think You Should Leave, Ishmaelicus, a church made of whale bones, sacred wheelbarrows, and dark Novembers of the soul. 

Content warning: heartbreaking foreshadowing
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What is Fire the Canon?

Prefer your books in comedy form, but still want to sound smart at parties? We got you. Discover the hilarity hidden in the classics with new episodes every other Thursday.