ZenOne Podcast

We invited one of my good friends, Dr. Brett Gilbert, an endodontist in Chicago, who has built a following on a simple message of accepting life challenges with a positive mindset. Dr. Brett and I met at the Yoga workshop last December, hosted by The Dental Yogis, and since then we became good friends. I really hope to cover following:

  1. Having a positive mindset and being optimistic during the time of uncertainty 
  2. Why did you start practicing Yoga?
  3. Why would you recommend dentists and the team to start Yoga at Home?
  4. Steps you need to convert your passion into a creative and productive goal

What is ZenOne Podcast?

ZenOne Podcast is a place where we combine our 2 passions. One is to help improve dental practices through efficiency (think of streamlined process, organization, Zen in your office life) and interviewing interesting people.