Hiram College Fireside Chats

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Anne, a recent graduate of Kent State University and a Cleveland girl with a passion for creating, launched Anne Cate, a made in America accessories boutique specializing in skyline silhouette purses and pillows, while still a student. Founded in 2016, the Anne Cate skyline collection now features 80+ hand designed skylines of cities around the word! Every product is more than just a purse or pillow - it is a story. Come hear Anne share her entrepreneurial story!

What is Hiram College Fireside Chats?

Fireside Chats – 60 minutes of stimulating conversation with some of NE Ohio’s most interesting entrepreneurs. Get the inside story from folks who have taken the leap and who are willing to share what they’ve learned - the good, the bad and the inspiring! Fireside Chats – Real Entrepreneurs! – Real Stories! – Real Learning!
Fireside Chats hosted by The Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship at Hiram College