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How can leaders of social impact organizations build equitable pipelines of leadership to sustain their missions? That is our central question this week as Carrie Fox sits down with Christina Greenberg, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of diversity-focused talent management firm Edgility Consulting. It’s a question that begs us to examine all our best practices for succession planning and talent development to ensure organizations stay true to their values over time.

When most organizations start planning for succession, it is often too late, Greenberg explains. Succession planning must start years in advance with strategic talent management - identifying core competencies for roles at every level and systematically developing staff. Just as we plan for communications risk scenarios, leaders should have multiple potential successors identified by giving them concrete experiences to demonstrate readiness. With an intentional focus on competency gaps and development areas, organizations can build diverse benches of potential leadership.

How can social impact organizations close skills gaps in order to nurture well-rounded leaders? Where are potential successors today, and what experiences do they need to get them ready? How can succession planning apply to all levels? True succession planning requires looking beyond ego to the future health of the institution and its social mission. As Greenberg says, “What I would just tell people about this process is it’s hard and daunting and scary, but just take it in bite-sized pieces."

We just scratch the surface of Christina’s expertise in nonprofit succession planning and talent development. The bottom line: building an equitable leadership plan for the long term requires leading with values first, and letting the right people with the right skills rise to meet them. Our great thanks to Christina and Edgility Consulting for their partnership in this conversation!

  • (00:00) - Welcome to Mission Forward
  • (00:34) - Introducing Christina Greenberg
  • (10:16) - The Boomerang CEO
  • (18:03) - Succession
  • (25:02) - What are the Next Steps?
  • (28:11) - A final note of Hope
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Today's show is brought to you by Edgility Consulting, your compass for building equitable organizations where all staff thrive. Their talent management experts empower you to break free from traditional hiring, compensation, and talent management norms that often perpetuate inequality and prevent you from hiring and retaining great staff.

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Communication is essential to moving missions forward. Whether you’re trying to advance a strategic goal, drive change in an organization or raise funds to increase your impact, how you communicate matters. And with the noise of today’s world, it matters even more that your message be delivered, heard, remembered, AND acted upon. Getting there requires more than words.

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