Haus of Decline

QUARTER CENTENNIAL! You didn't think we would make it this far, but it turns out we were really good at talking about bullshit for a long time

Show Notes

We're all tryna get back to nature. Get back to some sort of lifestyle more emblematic of a soulful purity, or a least less mediated by the 'artificial' barriers of industrialized communities. The logical end to this is holing up in the woods, smelling of old milk and making faulty letter bombs because you have a phd in math, when u should have really used that ivy league education to get a phd in bombs, you idiot.

All talk of "bombs" is purely satire and parody.

Nostalgia is fleeting,
but @hausofdecline is forever 

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What is Haus of Decline?

It's all bad and it only gets worse.