CreativeOps Podcast

Welcome to the Creative Ops podcast podcast.

I created it to open up conversations about our emerging field. With creative ops in its "teenage years," we need community and clarity of purpose as we grow.

My vision is to drive curiosity through interviews with innovators across industries. We'll explore experiences, challenges and wins around creative ops' core of people, process and technology. I'll also share my own hot takes on key topics and trends like the impacts of AI.

I invite you to join these "water cooler" talks as we learn together. Subscribe at or your favorite podcast app to get the latest episodes. Send any questions or comments my way at I want to hear your thoughts and feedback as we map the future of creative operations!

What is CreativeOps Podcast?

Dive into the every changing world of creative operations with Nish Patel, a respected figure in the industry since 2014.

Every week, immerse yourself in enlightening discussions with creative operations leaders as they share stories of challenges, solutions, and insights on both prevailing and emerging topics.

Central to these conversations are the foundational pillars of Creative Ops: People, Process, and Tech. And with the dawn of AI set to bring sweeping changes, the podcast consistently highlights how artificial intelligence is redefining yesterday's challenges and unveiling new opportunities.

Whether you're tuning in for an insightful interview with an industry expert or Nish's fresh perspective on key issues, the CreativeOps Podcast is the essential water cooler for the creative ops community. Listen in to glean wisdom from both successes and setbacks, equipping yourself with invaluable insights to navigate the dynamic world of creative operations.

Newly relaunched and more relevant than ever, the CreativeOps Podcast stands as your comprehensive guide to the ever-evolving landscape of creative operations.