Tennis Rockers

The invisible barrier of "getting good quickly" is making the acquisition of tennis difficult.

Show Notes

Instead of looking at the average tennis lesson as fun, maybe we should see it as a struggle.  Seeing the joy in the struggle is likely to help perfectionist players take some pressure off their interaction in the sport.  If you don't struggle a little with your lesson or your game, are you really having fun and enjoying yourself?  Are you really building the grit or tenacity you need for the competition of life?  

In this episode we begin our emotional journey of tennis.  We see the pressure that we put on ourselves or others (as parents to kids) can lead to a whole host of emotions that closes down the brain and causes the body to lock up.  

Seeing the joy in the struggle of our sport won't be for everyone, but it just might help re-energize the way we approach tennis.  

What is Tennis Rockers?

Are you ready to re-imagine and reconstruct the way you realize not just the game of tennis but all the other ways you compete in life? Tennis Rockers pull together beliefs, concepts, ideas, people, and values from a cross-section of multi-disciplinary fields for the purpose of doing things a little different. Tennis Rockers don't just want to change the game, they want to help people think about changing how they see and live their lives.

Coach Claude and coach Sully cordially invite you to put the pedal to the metal and join an unconventional conversation on tennis and life. Nothing good comes from standing still.