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Our first transmission after getting shut down by the federal government for several months. Through mountains of hard work and perseverance, we have returned and will be back at 100% within the next few months.

Show Notes

We are back. After an eventful hiatus, we have returned after we were temporarily shut down. We aren't going to stay down. So, we are continuing our transmissions to help survivors in all areas. Why were we shut down in the first place? Let us examine the issue in this transmission...

What is Cannadine Research?

A division of The Blue Merrell Project, Cannadine Research produces concentrated, encrypted transmissions on specialized double-wave QHF bands geared towards assisting survivors after the last Secular Ascension Event. We are here for you.

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This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

Ladies and gentlemen. We are back on the air. As many of you know, Red Sector criminals have successfully convinced our government that we are a threat to the safety and well-being of survivors. They have achieved this through extensive lobbying, political donations, and influential actions that have ended up swaying multiple congressmen and women throughout DC.

These troubling times have brought upon a semi-breakdown of our federal government. The third Secular Ascension Event has not only killed many innocent lives, it continues to strain and push the strength of survivors. Survivors include you, our listeners, surviving non-listeners, and also roughly forty percent of the many politicians that run this country. Everyone is riding the train of struggle.

Red Sector criminals are not included in the pot of survivors. Yes: technically they have survived the last Secular Ascension Event. However, they were the cause of it. Red Sectors are all located conveniently outside of Secular Ascension Event zones. This is no coincidence. While innocent people have lost strength, Red Sectors have gained strength. This is how they were able to infiltrate our federal government into temporarily and illegally shutting us down.

Thanks to the support of many survivors, we have achieved the success of getting back on the air legally, against the wishes of criminal Red Sectors. This was achieved through large campaigns across the country that all showed the importance of continuing the Cannadine Research System transmissions.

Furthermore, several of our facilities were raided by the federal government. Unfortunately a large amount of research equipment was destroyed, including computers and expensive testing machinery. Most of our hard drives and paper files were confiscated, as well. We are still in the process of getting these drives and paper files back from the government. Our lawyers say that it is unlikely that we will get any of these things back.

Thankfully we have backed up over eighty percent of the important content that was located on many of our hundreds of hard drives throughout the Blue Merrell Project overseas. This is not content we are trying to hide from the government. These backups were created in case of a major disaster at one or multiple Blue Merrell Project facilities, such as a fire outbreak.

It will take many months for us to migrate our offshore backups back in house. And it may take even longer to replace a lot of our destroyed equipment.

Even though we were raided by the government, the government was influenced by Red Sector criminals. They made us out to be a dangerous terrorist organization. The results of the raid proved that we are in no way, shape or form, a terrorist organization. The complete stripping and dissection of our entire company has shown the government who we really are. It has shown them that we are not a threat.

We will discuss this further in future transmissions. As we pick up the pieces, we will be releasing a new transmission only once a week: every Tuesday.

We thank all of our supporters and our legal team, who’s hard work has gotten us back on the air.

Red Sector criminals may think that they have won. But no. That is not the case. We are becoming stronger than ever.

This is a broadcast of the Cannadine Research System.

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