Ski The Whites

Monte McIndoe has been an integral part of STW and our recent growth. He has done everything from helping out in the shop fitting customers to race directing to providing much needed guidance during the madness of the winter months. As I mention in the podcast, he came from the clouds and everyday I'm thankful that he has latched on to this small business.

Show Notes

For this week's episode I sit down with Monte McIndoe to discuss his life in finance and how he ended up here in the White Mountains. I've spent the last few years getting to know him and his family and as you'll find out he shares the same love for the outdoors that we all do and that bond can't be broken. I've managed to get in some tours, hikes, and bike rides with Monte and in turn he's helped me navigate shop life and see the big picture. Monte is co-race directing Last Skier Standing so you'll see him in full action if you make it up for that event.

Follow Monte on Instagram: @mmcindoe

What is Ski The Whites?

Host Andrew Drummond interviews people who all have some tie to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We include weekly weather updates from WGME chief meteorologist Charlie Lopresti as well as behind the scenes happenings of Ski The Whites.