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Covid Conversations is a new podcast series from the OSU Center for Folklore Studies. The first episode features a discussion of the connections between land and identity with two wordsmiths and artists– of Dayton, Ohio, and from Lewes in the southeast of England.

Show Notes

For this first episode of Covid Conversations, host Rachel Hopkin is joined by Omopé Carter-Daboiku and Alinah Azadeh.

Carter-Daboiku is a storyteller who grew up rural southern Ohio. Her work focuses on the intersectionality of place, identity and belonging, and the experience of growing up a “mixed-race, colored child” of Nigerian heritage in the Appalachian landscape. To find out more about Carter-Daboiku, visit artslearning.ohioartscouncil.org/directory/name/omope-carter-daboiku/.

Azadeh is a UK-based writer, artist, performer and social activist of British-Iranian heritage. Her work can be found at www.alinahazadeh.com.

Both Omopé and Alinah are storytellers and textile artists for whom the concept of connection to land and the way in which that forms identity are important themes. They are also – to use Omopé’s phrase – “history keepers” who teach and facilitate the creativity of others.


Covid Conversations is a podcast series from the Center for Folklore Studies at the Ohio State University in which artists and humanities professionals from Ohio and their counterparts elsewhere in the world discuss how their lives and work have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The series is funded by an OSU Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme grant and distributed by Ohio Humanities. It is produced and presented by radio producer and folklorist Rachel Hopkin and mastered by Paul Kotheimer at OSU.

Music for this podcast is provided by Pixabay.

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