Wealth Inequality Initiative Podcast, By Julius Baer Foundation

Danny Sriskandarajah is the CEO of Oxfam GB, one of the 21 affiliates to the non-governmental organisation Oxfam International, which works in 90 countries around the world. Oxfam consistently focuses on fighting injustice and ending poverty. In its approach, Oxfam has historically highlighted systemic inequalities and the shortfalls of the current economic system, pointing the finger at policy choices that benefit the richest and most powerful people but fail to improve the lives of the poorest. In this podcast talk, Danny and Christoph Schmocker exchange views on the increasing global inequality challenge, on which forms of collaboration and engagement of the wealthy groups can lead to change, and the role of contemporary philanthropy.

What is Wealth Inequality Initiative Podcast, By Julius Baer Foundation?

Designed by the Julius Baer Foundation, the Wealth Inequality Initiative aims to shed light on the global challenge of wealth disparities. It connects worldwide key players and experts to awaken interest, circulate knowledge, mobilise stakeholders and drive action against wealth inequality. The Wealth Inequality Initiative Podcast Series features inspirational and influential personalities, including experts of wealth inequality. Christoph Schmocker, CEO of the Julius Baer Foundation, or Dr. Nathalie Jean-Baptiste, Senior Program Manager Wealth Inequality at Julius Baer Foundation, deliberate the topic with their guests, and through their insights, experience, motivation. The guests’ voices and experiences turn the wealth inequality topic into tangible evidence. Their stories and best practices offer examples of possible solutions while instilling a sense of urgency and a need for action.
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