Full Stack Panic

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Peter Bhat Harkins is the admin of Lobsters, a popular online community for developers. Recently he started working remotely for a Bay Area company In this conversation we wind through his career in the hopes that we offer you some ideas for how you can navigate a career writing software.

Show Notes

Peter Bhat Harkins got into programming at age 11 when he noticed the kid sitting next to him in touch-typing class was making a video game in Hypercard. Instantly hooked by the idea of interactive programs, Peter’s career in tech started in high school and passed through IBM, college, the .pro domain registry, the Washington Post, lots of consulting, and nowadays has him as admin of the Lobsters] community.

What is Full Stack Panic?

Full stack panic is that feeling you get when you read a JavaScript newsletter and don't recognize half of what's in it. Or when you keep hearing, "Nobody uses [RAILS, WORDPRESS, JQUERY] anymore we're all using [NEW HOTNESS] over here." Or when every job description seems to require a skill you don't have and the little voice in your head says, “I should know all of this. Do I even know what I'm doing?” The web moves fast. This podcast answers the question: how do you build a successful, happy and long-term career when the ground keeps shifting under your feet?