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Yet again, we're tapping in with our artistic selves, my favorite self, personally, on this peculiar episode. We're tuning in with Cynde Cerf with Backstage at the Center as she interviews Mykal Kilgore, a Grammy nominee that will be taking on the Chandler Center for the Art's mainstage and Peter Bugg as he talks to Rebecca Blume Rothman about her colorful and provocative exhibition that skillfully twists nature into unusual situations, drawing out the peculiarities and similarities between humans and animals. Tune in!

What is Voices of Chandler?

This podcast was created to take a deeper dive into our community stories, our city development and anything and everything Chandler. The key is to educate, inform and entertain Chandler residents by hearing from our community leaders, residents, businesses, non-profits, and various city departments on numerous city-wide topics of interest.