Far Betterment

JJ and I talk about his career in the Navy, life on a submarine, and getting engaged.

Show Notes

This was my first time meeting or speaking with JJ. He's one of my best friends first cousins and he heard Far Betterment and wanted to be on. First off, I was honored by that and really amazed and humbled. Secondly I was excited to get to now someone new. JJ is a really honest and loyal person with a big heart. I got that from him in just the hour we spent chatting. Those of you that know him better probably know these things but I was glad to get to see them for myself. Thank you to him for being a guest on Far Betterment JJ, and I hope this is the beginning of a new friendship. 

What is Far Betterment?

How well do you we really know each other?

This is my exploration into human connection and vulnerability.

Learning new things about old friends, and old things about new friends.
Far Betterment - Self improvement over any distance.