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What can tennis do to provide counter-messaging around all the "food products" messaging that engulfs our everyday lives? In this episode, we explore the nutrition message, its effects on people and players, and what we can do to send a proper "signal" to people seeking a positive alternative.

Show Notes

As people and parents, we're up against a massive amount of food product messaging.  Messaging that preaches "easy" and "fast".  Messaging that champions duplicity in labeling - "healthy", and "contains real fruit/vegetables", and "provides a full serving of fruits, nuts, vegetables, or seeds".  Messaging that leads us to chose food products and "food-like" products which contains additives (blending agents, colors, preservatives, salts, and sugars) that can significantly deplete any nutritional value which is claimed on the outside of the package.  

We choose these products in lieu of the real raw food that contains fiber and nutrients our body needs to stay in balance.  Real food that can prevent injury and long term chronic illness.  We choose these products in part because there is not enough messaging to counter the messages of easy, fast, healthy, and just like the real thing we're getting from the food products companies.  

But tennis could help.

Tennis clubs and the people who both work and play there could develop and project their own messages of choice and health.

In this episode, we talk about:
  • The prevailing "nutrition" messages attached to food products and food-like products
  • How these products, while making it "easy" from a consumption standpoint are making it "hard" on us from a physical standpoint
  • Why the insurance industry hasn't banded together with government to create and propagate counter-messaging around our choices
  • What a tennis club could do to develop and propagate its own healthy eating lifestyles that serve as a safe haven for those of us seeking an effective counter-message and something that will stand with us in our fight for better quality of life and longevity
Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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