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A chat with Daniel Thomas - a Kiwi based in Chicago - about the on the ground experience of living through a COVID-19 lockdown, running a business, the impact on the tourism and travel sector, and the lessons that New Zealand business might be able to take to date.

Show Notes

In this special episode of the Friday Download I chat with Daniel Thomas - a Kiwi based in Chicago for more than 10 years about COVID-19. He is CEO and President of creative communications agency - TimeZone One - which represents a number of clients across the travel and tourism sectors.  

We discuss what it's like to be there in Chicago right now, the on-the-ground experience of living through a lock down, how you run a business under these conditions, what we as New Zealanders might learn from the experience, and what business can do to actively respond to the situation.  

Its an interesting conversation and while it is certainly tough at the moment Daniel remains optimistic about the prospects of recovery, the ability of businesses to innovate and come up with new models of delivering to customers, and the changes that will inevitably result from this crisis.   

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