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We kick off a month of Design By Committee episodes all about accessibility with an episode about language and how it affects your audience's ability to understand and interact with you. Abby Bajuniemi has a Ph.D. in Hispanic linguistics and joins us to talk about all things language. If you're struggling with your words, don't miss this show.

Show Notes

Abby Bajuniemi joins us on this week's show to kick off a month all dedicated to accessibility! Abby has a Ph.D. in Hispanic linguistics, and sits down with us to talk about accessibility, using language more effectively, and the problem with chatbots. 

Included in this show:
  • Why should designers, product managers, marketers and developers care about conversation and conversation theory?
  • The damage that can be done using automated voice assistants incorrectly
  • How we create meaning using language, and how it's much more than just the words being used
  • How the internet has created new ways for us to use language (both good and bad)
  • The wide definition of being "accessible"
  • Use of plain language, and how jargon and flowery language is damaging our communication
  • How the educational system contributes to poor communication
  • The difficulty of automated translations
  • Use of chatbots, and how to think carefully about implementing them in an accessible way
  • The importance of thinking critically about who your audience really is (they're not all just like you)
  • Using guerrilla usability testing to test language and messaging to ensure you're serving your audience correctly
  • Why chatbots should just own up to being robots, and stop pretending to be people
  • And much, much more!
Join us on the show by emailing us at [email protected] Whether you'd like to come on the air and give us your thoughts, ask us a question, or just provide your feedback via email, we'd love to hear from you!

You can also give us a call at 813-485-4866 to join us on the show each week. 

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What is Design By Committee?

Design By Committee is a live, call-in show answering your questions about UX, product design, content, research and anything else releated to tech, hosted by two industry veterans with two decades of experience designing, building and launching tech products.