Tennis Rockers

We see physical rigidity in new tennis players all the time but are we able to appreciate their perspective and in turn handle it with care? In this episode we consider what emotions and thoughts feed into emotional rigidity that lead to physical rigidity and eventually overwhelm and a decision to peace out from tennis.

Show Notes

In this episode, we examine the "emotional chain" that players new to the sport can experience that will block them from obtaining the "physical fluidity" and deep sense of appreciation and satisfaction that a high level tennis player will experience.  

Someone new to the sport could experience blocks related to the emotional chain from:
  • Walking into the tennis club - a place they either haven't visited or don't visit that often
  • Wearing tennis shoes they don't normally wear
  • Gripping a tennis racquet they don't normally grip
  • Interacting with people they don't normally interact with 
  • Being asked to move their body in ways they don't normally move them
  • Listening to and processing instructions from a coach you don't regularly listen to
  • Converting these instructions into automated body responses
The emotional chain = new experience -> self-consciousness -> internal dialogue -> anxiety -> tension -> physical rigidity/lack of fluidity

We end considering that emotional rigidity can lead to intellectual rigidity and hinder learning and developing a love for the sport of tennis.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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