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This week - a new stat on independent podcast listeners. PLUS: a deep dive on Spotify's recent claim to being the most preferred platform.

Show Notes

A data slide of the Independent Podcast Listening Audience can be found at http://ihearthin.gs
James Cridland's analysis of the Spotify news (recommended): https://podnews.net/update/spotify-q321
Source data for the Spotify announcement: https://tomwebster.media/the-most-important-question-in-podcasting-2021/
Understanding Podcast Stats, again from James Cridland: https://podnews.net/article/understanding-podcast-statisticshttps://podnews.net/article/understanding-podcast-statistics
John Spurlock's analysis of download trackers: https://livewire.io/podcast-trackers-by-episode-share/?utm_source=podnews.net&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=podnews.net:2021-10-15

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What is I Hear Things?

A weekly perspective on the business of audio, including podcasting, smart audio, streaming music, social audio, and everything else you stick in your earballs. Hosted by 20+ year audio veteran Tom Webster, SVP of Edison Research.