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On today's Bonus Episode of The Thriller Zone, I welcome New York Times bestselling author Frank Bill.

Frank has written a rough-around-the-edges thriller called Back To The Dirt. Rough, because it's scrappy. Don't let the puppy on the photo fool you; his prose is chock full of ass-kicking, take-no-names grit.

Give a listen as he blends his experiences with those of his father, crafting a page-turner that shines. 

To quote Christine Tran and her starred review on Booklist, she says, “Bill draws wrenching parallels between battle and family-abuse trauma through evocative hallucinations, survival of the fittest settings, and disarming compassion…his descriptions are both ugly and beautiful, often merging the hunt with Miles’ Vietnam flashbacks, capturing the realities of those resigned to being left behind and the violence that offers short-lived power.”

Yep, that just about covers it. Now, kick back and enjoy this 30-minute Bonus Episode of The Thriller Zone.

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