Veterans Voice Radio

Following our Gathering of Heroes 2021 at Pageant Field Quincy, the team gathers to discuss the aftermath. We also welcome the secretary of veterans affairs for Massachusetts Ms. Cheryl Poppy to the show with wonderful information for our vets!

Show Notes

Commercial breaks at :15 :30 :45.

Aired on 7-29-21 on 95.9 FM WATD and 1510 AM WMEX every Thursday night @ 7pm LIVE!

What is Veterans Voice Radio ?

Join Gregg Brasso, Benny Rabinovitz, Craig Wolfe and Chuck Delaney as they Discuss Veterans Services, events and more! Veterans Voice Radio has been featured on 1510 AM WMEX as well as 95.9 FM WATD Marshfield for 7 + years and has built a reputation for finding a way to help Veterans in every aspect of life post service.

Reach out to us at for more information as well as listening every Thursday @ 7pm for the live show on 1510 AM Quincy Boston ( ) and 95.9 FM WATD Marshfield ( )