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During this time of prayer, Herbie Newell identifies how we can pray for Lifeline's ministry and the families we work with.

Show Notes

During this time of prayer, Herbie Newell identifies how we can pray for Lifeline’s ministry and the families we work with.

Psalm 103:1-6

  • Pray for the churches involved in foster care in both AL and SC and for these partnerships to expand into more than just recruitment of families, but holistic support of foster families and birth families and financial support.
  • Financial Provision for our Family Restoration Programs-Pray that God will continue to provide for our needs as our program grows through church partnerships, grants, and individual donors.
  • Pray for our partnerships with state and county child welfare departments. Pray the Lord will deepen and strengthen these relationships and to grow the level of trust between all parties.
  • For open staff positions in SC and KS
  • Children in care: for Salvation, for healing from the trauma they have endured, for God to use their stories for his glory, and for adoptive families for those where parental rights have been terminated
  • Birth Families: for Salvation, for them to know their value/identity does not have to be based on their past, and for them to be motivated to accomplish their goals to be reunified with their children
  • Current foster/host families- wisdom, grace, strength, and patience as they daily minister to children in need.
  • For several families who are currently in process who have difficult pasts and for the Lord to use their past for his glory.
  • Prospective Families in process-Pray that they will complete the necessary requirements in order to become approved, so that they can start accepting placements.
  • For more families to respond to the specific needs of older children, sibling groups, and medical special needs through the upcoming classes and trainings in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Charleston, and Topeka
  • For more missional families who are called to also minister to birth families

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What is The Defender Podcast?

The Defender Podcast is a ministry of Lifeline Children's Services where we seek to equip the body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children and families. We hope this podcast will provide encouragement, inspiration, and ways to connect with others who have a heart for the orphan.