With Robin making his way back to Bruxelles from København, Nordic Web founder and Playmaker co-founder and CEO, Neil Murray joins the show to talk about the Rise of the East, keyword bingo, failing with grace, and three key points every would-be founder should take note of.

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In a special post-TechBBQ episode, Dan sits down with  Neil S W Murray, founder of The Nordic Web, founding partner at The Nordic Web Ventures, and co-founder and CEO at Playmaker.

Up first, Neil and Dan weigh in on the rise of the east and how the CEE region, east to west, north to south is finally experiencing what Western Europe saw in the VC scene some 15 years ago, particularly in regard to what 500 Emerging Europe, LauncHub Ventures, VentureFriends, and Vitosha Venture Partners are up to.

Zooming out, we discuss U.S. investors' increased interest in the European startup scene, particularly this week's announcement of New York City-based Energy Impact Partners' €390 million commitment to EU-based startups, all with a healthy round of keyword bingo.

And last, but certainly not least, Neil doesn't shy away from talking about the failure of his startup, Playmaker, and provides both insight and three key takeaways that any starry-eyed founder should take note of before setting pen to paper.

All this and more on episode 6 of's Drive at Five.

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