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I'm joined by the cofounder of Endcrawl, John "Pliny" Eremic. We talk about the unconventional approaches they've taken to bootstrapping their niche business, which automates end credits for TV and film producers.

Show Notes

Pliny is the co-founder of Endcrawl. Endcrawl is a SaaS that manages and renders end credits for movies and TV shows like Moonlight, Halloween, and The Big Sick. After bootstrapping the business for 7 years, they’ve recently raised a $450,000 seed round with investments from Earnest Capital, their own user base, and other aligned angel investors.

What is Bright & Early?

A podcast for people building early-stage startups. Join me each week as I talk to entrepreneurs, product people, designers, and marketing pros about their experiences during the early days of their startup.