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Waterline bacteria is back in the news and as a reminder we wanted to discuss how to test, shock and treat waterline in the dental office. ProEdge is the leading lab in this space and they have gathered a wealth of knowledge on this issue.

Show Notes

This will be 2 part podcast series where I bring guests from ProEdge Dental Water Labs - Mike Rust Regional Sales Manager and Kellie Thimmes, Senior Consultant & Education Specialist.
Part 1 we discuss new requirements from OSHA, how to get start testing and log when your test results. Pros and Cons of in office tests (QuickPass - https://proedgedental.com/products/quickpass/) and Mail-In tests (https://proedgedental.com/products/r2a-waterline-testing-kit/#slide-80801) 

Part 2 we will discuss details of shocking and which product will suit you best.

1. The Most Effective Dental Waterline Maintanence Protocol - https://proedgedental.com/resources/three-steps-to-safe-water/
2. Complete Guide to Treating Dental Unit Waterlines - https://proedgedental.com/library/treating-dental-unit-waterlines/
3. Water Test Submission Forum  - https://proedgedental.com/resources/water-test-submission-form/

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