Team Up! Team-based primary and community care in action

Show Notes

This episode is a little bit different. Morgan and Sarah had the opportunity to have a conversation with some of the new Team Based Care Coaching Team from Doctors of BC. In this episode we share back their perspectives on the experiences they have had working as ‘at the elbow’ coaching supports in BC. The coaches share some stories from working with distributed teams and highlight a number of key elements in setting teams up for success including: Setting the foundation; building strong relationships and trust to enhance psychological safety in teams; focusing on communication and coordination; and developing role clarity. We had the chance to dive into a lot of these elements over the course of this season of teamup and it was so great to hear it all tie together in this conversation!

Thanks to our special guests:
  • Erin Lutz, Manager, Practice Support and Service Delivery, Team Based Care, Doctors of BC
  • Carleigh Reynolds, Team Based Care Coach, Doctors of BC
  • Ruth Ann Robinson, Team Based Care Coach, Doctors of BC
  • Lindsay Ferguson, Team Based Care Coach, Doctors of BC
Links to Resources
There are a number of great resources designed to support teams wherever they are at in thier journey. Check out where you will find searchable resources for patients, caregivers and family members; care providers an/or team members; planners, designers or improvers.

Many of the resources referenced by the team based care coaches can be found here: GPSC Guide to TBC

Setting the Foundation
Building Strong Relationships and Trust
Communication and Coordination
Role Clarity

Creators & Guests

Morgan Price
Sarah Fletcher

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