The Cyber Security Podcast from PwC UK

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In this episode we’re joined by Kevin Storli and Phil Venables to look at the changing role of the chief information security officer (CISO). We discuss:

1. How they’ve seen the role of the CISO change over their careers.
2. How CISOs can mitigate security risks while enabling their organisation to achieve its goals.
3. Current areas of concern, including supply chain risk and securing the cloud.
4. What they look for when hiring and the skills CISOs need to recruit for over the next few years.

Host: Abigail Wilson, Cyber Threat Operations Manager, PwC UK
Guest: Kevin Storli, Global CTO and UK Chief Information Security Officer, PwC
Guest: Phil Venables, Chief Information Security Officer, Google Cloud

What is The Cyber Security Podcast from PwC UK?

The cyber security podcast from PwC UK covers the latest developments in cyber risk, resilience and threat intelligence. In each episode we’re joined by special guests to give you practical insight on how to improve your cyber security and create a more resilient business.