Wednesday Coffee Club

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Bill talked about losing his Jaws icon on his desktop whenever he reboots his computer.
Fran says serie only keeps a couple of words when you dictate a message.

Bill Levy can't get to his desktop with windows M. To fix it go into folders and change it to classic folders instead of recent apps.

Chris and Dave did a demo of a heat sealer. Versa handhel thermal sealer comes with a roll of bags you can use. But you can seal any bag with the unit. Talked about helpful uses for Aira like taking a picture of a signed document and sending it to you so you can email it to someone else. Chris gave a recipe for slow cooker corn on the cob.

What is Wednesday Coffee Club?

Join us live for the coffee club, Wednesdays from 9 to 11 AM Eastern, 6 to 8AM pacific. We discuss current issues, cooking, books, new and relevant technologies and product demos. Join us using zoom Conference to ask questions or share your knowledge, using either your computer, iPhone, Android phone, or telephone.