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Stevie takes the reigns for the fourth in the series of exclusively mixed monthly sets for Progressive House UK. We search high and low to find amateur or up and coming DJ’s who have that something special that makes them stand out amongst the many out there.

His careful track selection subtly gathers pace and twists in all the right places. Wonderfully melancholy vocals rise up and surprise whilst basslines shift and roll as the synths wash in and out. This is a DJ who understands control, how to create a journey to somewhere else, from one place to another and back again wherever you are.

Update - Progressive House UK - 004 Mixed & Compiled by Stevie Reid was our (2019 Mix Winner)

Show Notes

Full Track Listing
  1. Tim Robert - Incandescence (Nicolas Rada remix)
  2. Yashar Sargodan - Explorer (Montw remix)
  3. Silinder & Soulfinder - Horizon
  4. Amol Reon, Nosh & SJ - Fairy Tales 
  5. Simos Tagias - Elaza (GMJ remix)
  6. Kostya Outta - Breathe
  7. Lucas Rossi - Distance
  8. Montw - Starfall
  9. Doppel - Icarus (The Journey remix)
  10. Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union - Adjusting Levels (Alfonso Muchacho remix)
  11. Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Spektre vocal remix)
  12. Jiminy Hop - In the Right Place at the Right Time (Julian Nates remix)
  13. Collective States - Yandu
  14. D-nox, Uone & Western - Never (Paul Anthonee remix)
  15. Matador & ARTBAT - The Visitor
  16. Stan Kolev - Selcouth (Petar Dundov remix)
  17. Donatello - The System (Vocal mix)
  18. Dante Pippi & Demitros - Tche Nane (Hot Tuneik remix)
  19. Kays & Diana Miro - Inside (Jerome Isma-ae remix)
  20. Matan Caspi and E'sh - Eidothea
  21. Township Rebellion – Monocloque

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