Your Mission.

We go hard in the PAINT (sorry Waka Flocka) and cut up their second album "Spiritual Vegas". Asparagus bedroom.

Show Notes

Alonso's cut:

1: Land Man
2: Impressions
3: Ta Fardah
4: Flying Fox
5: Meet Me (In St. Lucia)
6: Ballad of Adelaide
7: Strange World
8: Ta Fardah (Instrumental)
9: Outro (The Lines I Drew)

Jenny's cut:

1 (tie): ODAAT -- 
1 (tie): Land Man
2: Flying Fox
3: Ta Fardah
4: Intro (Phor Phaedra)
5: Strange World
6: Well of Memory
7: Lanolin
8: Tongue Tied
9: Impressions

Ryan's cut:

1: Intro (Phor Pheadra)
2: Strange World
3: Flying Fox
4: Ta Fardah
5: Meet Me (In St. Lucia)
6: Land Man
7: Ballad of Adelaide
8: Well of Memory/ODAAT
9: Impressions

Intro: Spaghetti Western by Stickfigure
Outro: Western Firefight 2 by Cullah

What is Your Mission.?

Every week, childhood friends Jenny, Ryan and Alonso go on a musical mission -- take popular music and dive deep, break it apart, cut it down to size, share emotional baggage, rate it, and get home.