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Our host Jess speaks with writer, podcaster and CEO of 4 Horsemen Publications, Erika Lance about why she loves to write stories without happy endings, her advice to writers and why she decided to launch a publishing company that sits apart from the traditional publishing industry. 

Find out more about Erika and her work: 
Visit Erika’s websites www.erikalance.com 
and http://www.eerietravels.com/
4 Horsemen Publishing http://www.4horsemenpublications.com/
Their non-fiction press http://www.accomplishinginnovationpress.com/
And listen to Erika’s Drinking with Authors podcast! http://www.drinkingwithauthors.com/

You can also follow our host Jess on Instagram @jess_bdavies and @600wordsonlife

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Jess Davies

What is Femme On?

The Femme on Collective is a podcast collective where we discuss issues or pop culture that interests us, with a feminist, female view. Hosts Ada, Alyson, Jess, Ria and Tonya bring their unique voices to a variety of subjects including books, film, TV, feminism, comics, fitness, activism and so much more.