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Basecamp has a long history of experimenting with "freemium" models and recently launched its most generous free plan yet: Basecamp Personal. Co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson talk about the debate and data analysis that went into the launch, what makes this a little scary, and why it's healthy for a business to experiment.

Show Notes

"Launch: Basecamp Gets Personal" (Signal v. Noise) - 00:13

37signals' 2004 announcement about the launch of Basecamp - 1:44

Basecamp's announcement about closing Backpack to new signups - 2:18

"Launch: Basecamp 3" (Signal v. Noise) - 2:31

Our episode about finding an SEO consultant - 7:10

Our episode introducing Basecamp's new head of marketing - 7:18

Basecamp's ace Support team - 23:46

Our episode about the Apple Card controversy and algorithmic bias - 25:06

Basecamp Personal on Product Hunt - 26:10

Basecamp's "Until the End of the Internet" policy - 26:53

What is Rework?

A podcast by Basecamp about the better way to work and run your business. We bring you stories and unconventional wisdom from Basecamp’s co-founders and other business owners.