Ship SaaS Faster

Simon has updated the marketing graphics and doing maintenance work across the business. Volkan has ran some customer interviews and still building features based on those.

Show Notes

Simon is continuing to update marketing site to increase conversions. Lots of maintenance work from security management, to marketing site and fixes for his SaaS.

Simon is also working on a new backup type for a secret project that is a very large market and may require a new go to market approach.

Volkan did some customer interviews and was able to learn the aha moment for designers using the platform (Classes). So he has decided to double down and build features around this. Also these learnings will be added to the marketing site.

For developers Volkan has added VS Code into the platform using Monaco.

Simon on Twitter
Volkan on Twitter
SnapShooter - Simon's startup
Versoly - Volkan's startup

Creators & Guests

Simon Bennett
Founder and CEO of SnapShooter
Volkan Kaya
Bootstrapped founder of Versoly

What is Ship SaaS Faster?

Two bootstrapped SaaS founders giving weekly podcast updates about shipping product.