Blue Rose Task Force: A Twin Peaks Obsessive Podcast

In the second half of our coverage of the Twin Peaks original series finale, your host John looks into the original script to discern Windom Earle’s plan, explores the roles of each Lodge Denizen, and ponders whether Cooper failed or if he’s at the beginning of something much bigger.

0:00:40  Intro
0:02:35  What we already knew about Earle’s plan
0:04:25  The original script and Earle’s plan
0:08:00  Annie’s prayer
0:15:48  The ever-shifting Black Lodge
0:23:10  Earle’s plan enacted
0:33:40  Lodge Denizens make the plan their own
0:48:20  The changed Lodge climax and the 1991 Season 3
0:52:35  The Fed Room
0:54:15  Jimmy Scott
0:56:15  Little Man From Another Place
1:03:50  Lodge Laura
1:10:55  Waiter and Giant
1:14:45  Lodge Maddy
1:18:42  Doppel Lodge Laura
1:22:32  Annie and Caroline
1:27:25  BOB
1:28:55 Doppel Cooper
1:31:28  Doppel Leland
1:36:10  Philip Gerard
1:38:00  Jumping Man
1:39:20  Tremonds
1:41:15  Where did Cooper fail?
1:55:00  Lodge Denizens let this happen
1:56:40  Keys at the sheriff station
2:05:40  Alchemy

Discussed this episode:
Twin Peaks and Alchemy
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Additional audio editing John Bernardy
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