Your Brain On... by Salience Learning

Karen and Krista speak with Clark Quinn, Ph.D., an author and recognized leader in learning technology strategy, about the latest in cognitive science, and how to hook learners and make knowledge stick. This is the first part of a three-part series.

What is Your Brain On... by Salience Learning?

Your Brain On... is a podcast by Learning and Development professionals for Learning and Development professionals.

Every day, Salience Learning combines the science of learning with expertise in the business of science to help solve the biopharma industry's most complex business challenges.

Listen as hosts Karen Foster and Krista Gerhard discuss the latest in cognitive science and learning strategies as they relate to the ever-evolving healthcare industry. In other words: Your Brain On... gives you the tools you need to help your teams achieve success.

Ranked one of the top 20 cognitive science podcasts of 2020 by Feedspot: