Hey, you did it! You made it through another week, but did you catch all the European tech news that's fit to print? 

If the answer is no, well you've come to the right spot. Now kick off those shoes, grab an icy (or steaming) beverage of your choice, and let us get you up to speed on everything that went down.

Note: Please take care when removing said shoes, as it's generally frowned upon at the pub, in the tube, and can be a safety hazard whilst driving.

Up this week:

01:08 - 4/20, a day that will live in infamy, the day the blue tick died.
02:26 - Robin discusses haircuts, specifically valuation haircuts.
02:41 - Getir's raised a bunch of cash again, but has seen its valuation nearly halved to $6.5 billion.
04:07 - Things aren't looking so good for Berlin-based fintech N26 and its valuation has been decreased to around $3 billion, down from a high of $9 billion.
04:57 - CulturePulse raised "just shy of $1 million" in a seed funding round and is possibly de-spamming the spam?
07:49 - RebelTech raised €1.5 million to help clean up the tech refurbishing process. And they're using frickin' laser beams!
09:29 - Rovio. Angry Birds no more after a €706 million acquisition by Sega?
12:42 - French EV maker Kate wants to get a brand new ride in your hands at a starting cost of €15,000.
16:22 - John Reynolds is back with a comprehensive look at the European BNPL industry, highlighting the players worth knowing, their positioning, the rise of B2B BNPL, regulation, and much more.
16:59 - Lawmakers in the European Parliament this week approved a package of rules aimed at regulating the cryptocurrency industry, aka MiCA.

All this, and a whole lot more on this week's edition of the Drive at Five.

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